Jack Hanks

Jack Hanks

SVG Public Adjuster of the Year

Jack Hanks
2021 Public Adjuster of the Year
Jack Hanks
2021 Public
Adjuster of the Year

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Jack Hanks leads the fastest growing public adjusting firm in the country, is widely recognized as the industry thought pioneer, and continues to push the envelope to help property owners get what they deserve – to be treated with dignity and receive fair compensation for their property damage.





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The Claims Clinic

Thursday March 30th, 2023


What Others Say About Jack .

Nick Forsell
Nick Forsell CEO at Forsell Properties

Most well deserved award of all. Jack Hanks is a beast! There is no other PA I trust with my large loss claims. I’ve worked with Jack for more than 4 years and MILLIONS in settlements. VPA is on point!

Clipper Johnson
Clipper Johnson Conversation Architect

Experience matters is not just a catch phrase. This was a star-studded event of lawyers, engineers, and thought leaders, and innovators. This course is undervalued, get your credit card now and register.

Matt Nelson
Matt Nelson Nelrock Contracting

I consider myself very experienced in the contracting space and Jack’s training taught me a bunch of new skills & concepts I hadn’t previously considered. Talk about revolutionizing my business, you’d be silly to not attend.

Hunter Crichton Student

I’m just starting my career in the adjusting space, and the guest speakers Jack brought in were a game changer. The caliber of people you would normally pay thousands of dollars to, for just one conversation. The value of this event was off the charts.

Kevin Kay
Kevin Kay Owner of ScopePro Management

I’ve been in the industry for over 17 years. The lineup of speakers was unbelievable. Every single person that spoke was a wealth of knowledge and the environment was extremely collaborative. Jack really walks the walk.

Because Experience Matters Podcast .

This show is for everyone in public adjusting who wants to make more sales, get more claims approved, and become a master advocate for their clients. Not being ahead of the curve on regulations, best practices and the latest technology can and will cost you tens of thousands of dollars -- or worse your entire business.
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Rocket Roof Show Podcast

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