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Because Experience Matters Podcast

This show is for everyone in public adjusting who wants to make more sales, get more claims approved, and become a master advocate for their clients.

Not being ahead of the curve on regulations, best practices and the latest technology can and will cost you tens of thousands of dollars — or worse your entire business.

Stop lagging behind the competition and start leading the pack with us

In each episode, you will learn how to serve your clients and grow your business using ways that weren’t previously on your radar. Big dogs of the industry, including leading roofers, contractors, lawyers, accountants, and marketers, join the show to share real stories and actionable leadership and business tips.

You will also discover how to leverage technology, strike strategic partnerships, avoid common mistakes, and keep up with all the moving parts of the industry.

Because Experience Matters is hosted by Jack Hanks, who has over 30 years of industry experience and was voted 2021 Public Adjuster of the year by his peers. In 2021 alone, Jack won more than $100 million for his clients, and he wants to help you do the same.

In each episode, Jack brings on all the industry’s big dogs, including leading roofers, contractors, lawyers, accountants, and marketers. You’ll access the insider scoop. Real case studies. Real obstacles. And actionable winning solutions.

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